What Wiin Electrrix Corporation VISION Offers:
We Want An Assist Team That Is Matured, Has Experience, is fast MOVING And Can Get Things Moving - For Wiin Electrrix Corporation.
They ought to have a company of their own called the - TOTAL MOTIVEC COMPANY
[ You//they Would Be Called The Total Motivec Team - Www.Totalmotivec.Com ]. wehave their domain URL purchased already.

You//they - Would Be The First Level Of Work Communications Team For Wiin Electrrix -mark Monitor Corporation.

This Is A Strategic Work Communications Group - That Gets Work Done At All Division Complex -
Technical And Workforce Offices DUTIES Of Wiinelectrrix Corporation. [ Www.Wiinelectrrix.Com ].

Other Duties Would Include - Making Presentations At Events And Seminars On Behalf Of Wiinelectrrix Corporation. [ Www.Wiinelectrrix.Com ].

You//they Would Also - Form Alliances With Maddy Bowen Journlist Groups - Incharge Of Media Coverages.

You//they Would Also Form A Strategic Group That Details And Evaluates - Division Complex Technical Office - Processes And Procedures -
On Behalf Of Wiin Electrrix Corporation. This Activity Would Entail Simplifying Wiin Electrrix Corporation's Technical Office Activities.


1] TOTAL MOTIVEC TEAM Gets A Flat 4% Stake In Wiin Electrrix For Handling All Strategic Work And Communications Duties.

2] Money - Heavy Duty Heavy Denomination Money
[ Indi Aslic Refec - Machine Complex Std - Wiinelectrrix Inr - Winr ] -
1 Inr Will Approx Be Equal To 4 To 8000 Rolls Of Acetopher Paper [ Greeenback Electric Paper ].
Budget [ 40 Inr // 40 Winr ] - Equivalent Of 8 Trillion USD PER YEAR MINIMUM.

3] Each Company Foundation You Lay [ Listed Above ] - For Wiin Electrrix Corporation Has A Budget Outlay Of 800 Heavy Inr //
Winr [ Machine Complex Std Denomination Money ]

A Short Summary : You Work With Wiin Electrrix Corporation As A Division Complex Team [ Www.Totalmotivec.Com ]

For Your Information : WIIN ELECTRRIX Corporation Has A Vision And Plan To
Issue Paper Currency // Money Just Like The Federal Reserve Does.
[ Guarantee By Wiin Electrrix Corporation ].


Enstego Ensteit [ Islodor Armour ] Aaren Ardex Arfet [ Reffil Meffil Feffil ]
India Name: Sourav Das // Sasa
Final Systems Engineer
Strategic Initiatives Engineer
Wiin Electrrix Corporation

Email: EnstegoEnsteit@wiinelectrrix.Com
Email: Sourav.Stex@yahoo.Com
Sms: +919586242067

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